5 Ways Great Customer Service Begins with Being a Great Customer

5 Ways Great Customer Service Begins with Being a Great Customer

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The last thing anyone wants when they fork over their hard earned dollars (or any other currency) is a not so good – or worse, horrible – experience with customer service. I'm about to tell you what your service provider may not, although when they get among other service providers best believe it's a hot topic. What's that? The nightmare client. Yup, they exist and make it terribly difficult to provide exceptional service because they stand in the way of it. How? Come this way…


You’re a prospect that demands time like a client. You have 50leven questions, but get ghost when it's time to sign on the dotted line and hit submit at checkout. If your texts/emails go unanswered and/or you get sent straight to voice mail, you're this person. Truth is if you don't engage and pay for services, you don't get services.


Lack of/slow communication. You engage services then take 3 weeks – 6 months to supply what's needed for the job. Or you don’t speak up. Maybe it wasn’t what you expected – but you don’t say anything so that it can be fixed. Yes, sometimes the situation is beyond fixable, but where it is, why not say, “look, this isn’t what I was expecting” and then give them an opportunity to fix before you go off?


Another communication issue comes with not following or clarifying your understanding of instructions. Instructions exist to protect you and your investment. When you ignore them, or act on your interpretation of them, it’s quite possible that the result you’re expecting won’t be the result you receive. If you’re too busy to get into details and/or need more time, send a quick email or text saying you need some time to give it proper attention.


You know what's outstanding? That invoice. You ever have your cable go out and you pick up the phone to call the cable company, only to discover you ‘forgot’ to pay the cable bill? Happens to the best of us, but if something is missing/not working, be sure your account is up to date.


You’re having a bad day and errybody can get it! Take a deep breath and smile before typing or dialing. This is something I learned when working in radio. It may improve your mood slightly, and the delivery of your message won’t be lost behind tone. When you come out the gate barking at someone, their first inclination is to get defensive. Really bad recipe for getting what you want.

Great Service is Two-Sided

It should be every business and service provider’s goal to provide exemplary service to their customers and clients from the moment interaction begins. As a customer/client – or even a prospect – don’t lean so heavily on the [very] old adage of the customer is always right. Sometimes, in that capacity we’re not. In certain situations it definitely matters the part you play as the customer and to be mindful of that – even when that means having uncomfortable discussions with the provider. After all, it’s business.

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This post originally appeared on https://www.suite369.com/blog/5-great-customer-service/ in November 2015

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