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School is IN for the summer,

because your money shouldn’t stop.

we KNOW those bills don’t

Systems Summer School™ is a 3-part workshop not just for the business falling behind. You can benefit from the coaching, co-working and instruction even if you want to get AHEAD.

The Class Clown

You’ve been slacking on your 2022 goals and recently realized a good buckle-down session is needed to make this year profitable.

Let’s get clear on your customer journey (onboarding, in service and offboarding) is just the refresh your service needs.

The Workflow Worrier

You are booked and busy but inconsistent processes are keeping you from being paid and at peace.

Let’s reclaim your time by reviewing and revising your processes, then documenting them, in preparation for delegation and automation.

The Busy Body

You customize every project quote and clients love making change requests when you've just completed the last round of revisions.

Let's refine your offer and put the boundaries in place that makes it as easy to say, “that's extra” as Chipotle when you ask for guac

The Over-Achiever

Shiny object syndrome has had a hold on you and it’s eating into your profits… not to mention the time-suck that is moving all your data from platform to platform every 3 months.

Let’s review your work and identify what's best for you and your goals, regardless of what the gworls are using.

Hi! I’m Auntee Rik mission is to enable business owners like you to develop healthy business Systems that support and improve your desired quality of life.

Hundreds of business owners have trusted me to guide them in creating efficient Systems and Processes, ease and maximize revenue.

Allow me to help you remove the fear and boredom out of documenting processes, and save you time with my guidance and templates. I do this with aunt-like nurturing and encouragement; and the occasional side-eye when necessary.

as seen at

Systems Summer School™ Syllabus

Refresh · Refine · Revive ·

The Boundaries

July 19, 2022 – 7:30pm Eastern

During this session we'll identify the boundaries you need to support you and your business, how to be sure you stick to them and what to do when clients test them.

The Offer

July 26, 2022 – 7:30pm Eastern

During this session we'll tighten up your offer and make sure your rates not only cover the costs of providing services, but improve profit as well.

The Experience

August 2, 2022 – 7:30pm Eastern

During this session we'll combine Sessions 1 and 2 to create a customer journey map that supports you in wowing your clients.

Since The Boundaries have so much bearing on The Offer and The Experience, it is advisable you attend Session 1 live

the way to

Set Up for Success


The pre-work is designed to have you prepared to dive right in during our live sessions.

SSS Workbook

Show and keep your work together in the SSS Workbook.

SSS Templates

Get going quickly and save time out with email, SOP and Customer Journey/project management templates

LISTEN [instruction]

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LEARN [coaching]

Small group coaching to hone in on your specific concerns, with individualized attention.

DO [coworking]

Implement before you leave so you can truly “clock out” when class is over.

Questions You may have, and their answers


  • Why do I have to apply?

For one, I want to be as sure as possible that Systems Summer School™ is right for you. Also, because the class is no more than 10 people.

  • Can I do just one session?

No. The series is designed so that each session builds on the previous session. 

However, you can take the prerequisite class at

  • How much is it?

You should be prepared to make an investment of $750, which is due by the end of enrollment period included in your decision email.

  • What happens after I apply?

Shortly after you hit submit on your application, you'll receive an Application Received email. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a decision email within 3 business days. Your decision email will contain your next steps.

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Use your business processes and boundaries to elevate your customer experience.

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