5 Steps to rocking Dubsado as a newbie

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So you're ready to take the plunge and become a Dubster? Yay! If you're new to automation, especially in addition to being new to Dubsado, it can be overwhelming when you're getting started. Here's a few pointers to help you along:

1. Jump in and play with it before you upgrade:
  • Write out your process and how you think you'd like the sequence of automation to go
  • Set up your branding
  • Set up yourself as a test lead, using an email address not associated with your Dubsado account
  • Grab your process notes and hit the Forms section. Create a fictional item for each of the forms.*
  • Play around with order and set up a test workflow. Tweak. Repeat.

*There's a template library now so you can get started even faster!

2. Repeat after me:

You will NOT master Dubsado overnight because you will have to test how your workflow works for YOU.

If you don't allow yourself time to become familiar with the initial setup and actually using it, you will get frustrated.

Be mindful, Dubsado is just over a year old AND has grown a LOT in the last few months in terms of subscribers. Exercise some patience as they roll out features and take suggestions.

Also note that some of the more established platforms have been modifying their offerings/models to compete with Dubsado; some have even taken to bashing in forums and email communication, and their search results text. If Dubs wasn't all that, they wouldn't be worried.

3. Make sure the billing and shipping addresses on the payment method you use to sign up for a paid account are addresses that you are able to access.

Just trust me on this one.

4. Join the Dubsado Community on Facebook.

Group members are helpful, and not just with things to do with Dubsado. It's very active…

5. Once in the group, use the search function to find answers to some of the questions you may have.

Although you can ask questions and find answers, and the Dubsado staff interacts with just about everyone, the support chat on the Dubsado site or emailing (hello[at]dubsado.com) is the best way to get a response to your specific questions.

One thing about Dubsado is that they keep users informed about features being rolled out. Recently they have started mini-sessions for set up for new users. They listen, are responsive, and provide customer service in a way many companies across all industries can take notes from.

Don't be intimidated. Come on over and jump in!

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