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run your business

don't let your

business run you

You have an idea (or 3 or 20) for a business in your head, but because it lives in your head, trying to make that idea a reality is overwhelming. If you let another year go by without acting on at least one of your ideas, you just may scream. Come on over here and let Auntee help you bring your greatness to the world!

Help Me!

You're okay with getting things done on your own, once you get help putting together a plan.

Use: Clarity + Strategy

Communication: 90 minutes

Deliverables: PDF with actionable steps

Rate: 299

Duration: 1 time

Show Me!

You're more apt to get through it if you know someone will be checking in on you.

Use: for Clarity + Accountability

Communication: 60 minutes x 3; unlimited email/chat support

Deliverables: PDF with actionable steps

Rate: 799 (one time) or 299/mo

Duration: over a 90 day time period

Guide Me!

You'd prefer to have someone walk through this with you and advise you through to completion.

Use: Clarity + Accountability + Strategy

Communication: 1 60-minute call per month; unlimited email/chat contact

Deliverables: PDF with actionable steps

Rate: 999 (one time) or 499/mo

Duration: over a 90 day time period

Over the course of our sessions, we cover your Operations and Web to support your Marketing. Your assessment and sessions are customized for you, with the added support of my resource and tutorial library.

Entering Entrepreneur

  • This is your first business, and you're just starting, or thinking about starting
  • Not sure of brand message
  • Building audience

Emerging Entrepreneur

  • Business is at least 18 months old
  • Refined brand message
  • Growing audience

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