Simple Service Setup in Dubsado

Simple Service Setup in Dubsado

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Picture it:

You've heard great things about Dubsado and how it's helped so many of your fellow girl bosses automate their business and take so much admin work of their plate, so you decide to create your account. You, too, would like to put onboarding clients on auto-pilot.

Your excitement turns to trepidation as you begin to click around, like, “WTF is this???

You quickly discover you're going to have to spend time watching tutorial videos and think, “ain't nobody got time for that!

Dubsado got you stuck like Chuck?

Well… I'm here to help you through this.

Side note: I'm not just an avid user, I'm a member of their Beta Testing community and a [founding] member of their Black Creators Council.

First things first.

You have to put Dubsado together because it is flexible…

Dubsado is not intuitive, because it is flexible. This is a great thing.

However this means you should (need to) be intimate with your process before you even open a browser window.

Dubsado is NOT going to tell you what to do, because flexible… and because everyone's process is different.

So. Pick one of your services and follow along with my one-object service example: logo design.
Note… this is just one of many ways you can kick off your service process. Again, everyone's process is their own.

Step 1: someone makes an inquiry.

You need a lead capture form for that

Templates -> Forms

Build out your form… pretty it up later. Function first. Always.

Your form is built out, and you're to start accepting inquiries.

Now ask yourself “and then whaaat?” a la Jeezy and Mannie Fresh.
[this is my favorite example of a workflow]

Step 2: you need the prospect to fill out a questionnaire

This is where you ask the deep questions, not in your lead capture.

Templates -> Forms -> Questionnaire

Build out your form. Pretty it up later.

Step 3: you receive and review their questionnaire and decide you want to work with them. It's time to set up that discovery call.

You will need to set up a scheduler for this*

Templates -> Scheduler

*You will need a set of canned emails: confirmation, reminder + for your Scheduler appointment.

Step 4: It's time to get to the money!!!

Templates -> Packages

Where you set up your service name, description and rate.

Templates -> Forms -> Contract

Because we don't do business without a contract.

Templates -> Forms -> Proposals

The magic of having someone accept your quote, sign the contract and pay their deposit (or in full) in minutes, not weeks. My record is 8 minutes, but I've seen as fast as 5.

Again, build your forms. Pretty up later (except the contract, for legal reasons)

What else do you need/need to know?

Templates -> Canned Emails

Almost everything that gets sent via Dubsado is accompanied by a canned email.

There are a set of defaults + you make your own. Good general rule is each process step = 1 canned email. 

This is also where you set up your email signature.


People enter your Dubsado as a Project.

The Project tab is your lifeline in here (to me)

This is where you set up statuses and tags.


The heartbeat of your automation.

I suggest automating by stage, after you set up the main components outlined above. Some people go straight for the workflows and that's where you get REALLY frustrated.

Approach workflows like this:

  • when ___ happens, do ____
  • what needs to happen next
  • when does it need to happen

Templates -> Payment Schedules

Use these for payment plans* AND if you want to send invoice-related emails.

*Payment schedules not take payment automatically. That is done in another section, if your payment processor of choice allows it. Dubsado doesn't actually process your payment.

Hopefully, this will get you through setting up your first service.

My affiliate link/code / SUITE369 gets you 30% off your first year or month when you're ready to upgrade.

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Hi! I’m Auntee Rik (Rikki) and as a Business Operations + Systems Specialist, I use my 20+ years of experience in Operations, brand and web design, to deliver service-based  solopreneurs and freelancers from broken boundaries, wasted time and lost money.

My work days are usually powered by 90s sitcoms, 90s hip-hop and dancehall, “cheesy” movies, a good mocha macchiato and Dubsado.

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