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Hello there!

Glad you came over while/after listening to episode 171 of the Start Fierce podcast.

My name is Rikki, aka Auntee Rik, aka The Fairy Gawdmother of Hustle and I am a Business Operations + Systems Specilalist.

What does that mean? It means that when we work together, you tell me what your goals are and together we come up with a plan to reach them; using your business plan, web presence and business operations to create a customer experience that keeps the clients you love coming back.

Want to learn more about working with me? Have me on your podcast or panel? Shoot me an email at [email protected] or connect with me on social [aunteerik]

Resources I spoke about during the podcast

Powerful, branded email + apps with G Suite by Google.

Get your client intake and management under control and free up time for your clients and yourself. Use code Suite369 to receive 20% off your monthly or annual membership.

Easy, powerful project management with ClickUp

What I do… in a nutshell


  • Customized action plans
  • Entering and Emerging level entrepreneurs
  • Number of Sessions: 1-3


  • 6-8 week guided instruction
  • Review of plan + current presence/process
  • Small groups and 1:1 options


The Loft is our online community and social learning center.

The Plan. Prep. Produce. Method

Auntee Rik options follow our Plan.Prep.Produce. method which takes into account that the [business] plan is the base for everything. Plan.Prep.Produce. works on the premise that once the foundation has been built, you can adapt how you carry out your plan as needed.

Take a few minutes and discover your productivity style.

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