Stop Spammin Us Bruh!

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Stop Spammin Us Bruh!

by Auntee Rik | Auntee Says Season 1

What's good yall? This is Auntee Rik with another installment of Rikki Quickie.

Okay, now I did a live on this recently, and I made a post about it, but I'm adding this to the collection because it's that important.

Stop adding people to your mailing list without their permission.

And permission doesn't mean Oh, I met you at this networking event, or I watched your lives before. We talked about the same things. You should be interested in this. Oh, yeah, my home girl suggested you to me. So I just figured you want to hear from me.

Don't do that.

Stop adding people to your mailing list. It's 2019 we've been saying this for years.

One it's illegal, and two it's like, imagine you're in a really glorious sleep, you're about to wake up and you look up and someone is sitting on the edge of your bed. That's what it's like when you show up in someone's inbox, and especially if they don't know you at all.

Okay, stop doing that.

Because if you run into a whole lot of people like me who hit the I didn't sign up for this list button, when they unsubscribe, what happens is your account gets flagged, and you might end up sitting on a fine.

And those fines can be up, in the US, can be up to $16,000 per offense. What's an offense? Not having permission. Not clearly stating that it's a marketing communications, not having an actual address listed in the footer.

If you want to look up what those regulations are, just Google CAN SPAM that's C A N dash S P A M, okay? The Can Spam Act, that's for the US. Now if you're going international, and you have readers or subscribers outside of the US understand there's GDPR. Canada has its own version, and there's just so much that you can get in trouble for, especially if you have a whole lot of people unsubscribing after you've subscribed them without their permission.

So please stop doing it, your pockets will thank you.

This has been Auntee Rik with another Rikki Quickie. Have a great day.

Transcribed by Otter

Photo by Daniela Mota on Unsplash

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