real bosses have

real systems

take the mundane tasks off your plate so you can get back to doing what you love

Document it

create your SOPs so you can delegate and concentrate on the big money moves

Template it

anything you repeat can probably be templated to save you time. saved time leads to increased quality of life and revenue.

Automate it

let your tech work for you to wow your clients so you have time to relax, relate, release

Ways to Work with Rik

It really breaks my heart when I see fellow freelancers – especially when they look like me – throw in the towel because of stress that can [sometimes] be eased by having the proper systems and processes in place.

Sometimes it takes a mindset and process makeover, other times it’s a small tweak that can only be seen by someone on the outside looking in.

How dope is it that one of my gifts is being able to  see both the big picture and between the lines to help you to get the most out of everything you do? Actually, the dope part is when I get to watch you take off and soar… so let's make that happen.

Office Hours

When you know what you want, but don't know what you need, Office Hours with Auntee Rik will help you to get clarity, strategize, and/or craft your Processes DTA (Document, Template, Automate) plan.

90 minutes | $299

Dubsado Done Easy

Save yourself lots of time – and your sanity – by booking Dubsado Done Easy and getting your signature service up and running in Dubsado in hours, not weeks.

Let's start with your assessment and discovery call, then get you scheduled all in.

talk about rik

Dubsado,  Office Hours and VIP Day Testimonials

I highly encourage hiring her not only to show you how to better use the tools, the systems you have, but hire her to just get your business together…

Kyshira – The Power Collective

…we spent four hours together working on my operations and getting my life her services are invaluable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Tamara – Just Like Me! Book Box

Rik's information and insight was practical and right in line with how I want to expand my business and mission. I love that Rik doesn't just look at the obvious steps, she takes a look at the bigger picture through the lens of tried and true experience. Come to her when you're ready to start thinking bigger, in a smarter way.

Melissa – #blkcreatives

for the DIYer

the biz organizeher™

Feeling like you need to get your business organized but don't know where to start? I created the biz organizeher™ business operations planner just for you.

Using a combination of physical planner and digital portal with templates, the biz organizeher™ takes you through your self, brand, money, services/products and processes to help you get your snit together.

These templates from @AunteeRik are amazing! Dubsado cleanup took all of 20 mins

K – Backpack Media

My name is Rikki – Auntee Rik to many – and I’m here to help you:

  • reduce overwhelm;
  • alleviate anxiety;
  • free up time for things you’d much rather be doing; and
  • save money by streamlining
How can I do this, you ask?

Wellllll, in addition to formal education, I’ve worked in Operations since the mid 90s at the multi-national/multi-million dollar company level right on through to the small and micro-business level. After 13 years as an independent, freelance graphic, brand and web designer I was called to make the transition to Business Organizer + Operations & Processes Consultant… and I have to say, this work makes my heart sing!


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