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And Systems Strategy

You already have Processes + Systems. Let's simplify and streamline them, so your delivery (and your rates) matches your level of expertise.

If you are a Consultant, Designer, VA, Copywriter or other Done-For-You service provider and you need to improve your processes, streamline your systems and reclaim your time, this service is for you.


  • VIP Day style strategy session
  • Draft of Process and Systems Strategy Plan at end of session
  • Post-session check-in (via Slack or ClickUp)

It's Upgrade Season, Sugar!

You've decided that 2022 is the last time clients play in your face…

but you also recognize that you not standing firm on your boundaries is why they take your processes for a playground.


realign your work with your values

The first step in organizing your business is organizing yourself. Your boundaries set the tone for your processes and your service offerings.

refine your process

Improve what's working; remove what's not. Less headaches for you. Better experience for your clients.

reclaim your time and money

Simplified processes and streamlined systems put time back on your side, and money back in your wallet.

The Method to Calm the Madness

The Systems Prescription™️ Process and Systems Strategy session is an EDIT of how you do business.


Evaluate – We take a look at your current state, where you've been and where you want to be and go.


Diagnose – This is where we identify what's going well and what can be improved.


Index – We make sense of the mess by documenting and ranking issues in relation to your goals.


Treatment – When we’re done, you’ll have your 90-day treatment plan with action items and resources to improve your business's operational health.

Your Guide to Systems Sanity

Rikki “Auntee Rik” Payne is a trusted Business Operations and Systems Specialist with a knack for taking her clients' businesses from disorganized and disheveled to efficient and optimized.

Her no-nonsense, get-you-together-in-love approach is refreshing and reassuring to her clients and everyone she comes in contact with.

Guiding business owners to developing healthy business Systems that support and improve quality of life is Auntee Rik's mission. In addition to her 30+ years of Operations experience in a variety of industries, Rik is also a publisher of the biz organizeher™ – an operations manual creation system.

When she's not streamlining systems, Rik enjoys baking and being a pup-nana.

The Details

What you Get

  • VIP Day style strategy session to simplify processes and streamline systems
  • Draft of Process and Systems Strategy Plan at end of session
  • Post-session check-in (via Slack or ClickUp)
  • Post-session maintenance guide

Your Investment

  • Prep Work: 1-3 hours total before the Session
  • EDIT Session: 3-5 hours (on one day)
  • Session Fee: starts at $2,000

What You Should have

  • At least one (1) Signature service

To Book Your Session

  • Submit your pre-screen application
  • Watch your inbox for Application Status email (within 1 business day)
  • When accepted, book your session

Before Your Session

  • Complete and submit your Prep Work. You will be given a list of info needed for your session such as your monthly biz expenses & software you’re using.

During Your Session

  • Don’t be afraid to be totally open and honest during your session.
  • This is a judgment-free solutions zone.
  • We will review your Systems Prescription at the end of your session.

After Your Session

  • Respond to your check-ins (up to 2) after your session
  • Schedule your TSP Check-up session
  • Be great and prosper!

Simplify Processes.
Streamline Systems.

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