Ways to Use Dubsado

Whether or not you're familiar with Dubsado, when you go looking around, you'll find that most mention that you can:

  • Gather and nurture leads
  • Send quotes/proposals
  • Send/sign contracts digitally
  • Send invoices/get paid
  • Portal for client docs
  • Automate sending/collecting info

But wait… there's more…


1. Using Dubsado as a landing page to capture leads/start the onboarding process:

Even if you don't have a website, you can display your services (or products), get info and answer inquiries.

You can set the page to redirect once the form is submitted, and you can start a workflow (automation) to do things like send your service guide based on the service chosen in the form.

See it in action https://aunteerik.com/dubsadodemo-branding


2. Using Dubsado to generate estimates without having to talk to anyone:

This is perfect if people asking you “how much is…” but not signing up gets on your nerves.

Once you set up your packages (your service/product & pricing), you set up a public proposal.

Let's say you are a brand designer and you have a base price for logos…

you can add upgrades like business card or flyer design and the prospect can toggle the checkbox on/off  and it will update the total price.

If you need to run calculations then you just have the public proposal.

But if your pricing is set, then you can add the contract and invoice to the public proposal and sign that client on right there.

And when that happens?

You can set a workflow that – once the invoice is paid – puts forms you need completed in the portal, activates the portal, then sends an email that tells the client how to access what's in the portal and how to use it.

All without speaking to them. Go ahead… try it https://aunteerik.com/dubsadodemo-proposal


3. Collecting info you need while delivering the service.

Need to offer a way to schedule an appointment with you?

Need to collect content? Set up a questionnaire.

Need your client to approve proofs/samples? Set up a sub-contract, add signature box for them to sign off for approval.

Need your client to see where you are in your process? There's task boards (very basic), or you can do it with a questionnaire and some graphics.


You can also:

  • Send payment reminders based on invoice due date.*
  • Send thank you for your payment emails.
  • Request a testimonial after your consultation.
  • Send a happy birthday email

* I sell a set of these https://aunteerik.com/dubsado-canned-emails

And this isn't even everything you can do with Dubsado!


Now… two things:
  1. Dubsado is VERY flexible. Not just in how you can make things look, but also in function. That can be overwhelming.
  2. And it also requires you to have an intimate knowledge of your process.

Luckily, I can help with both. Schedule your consultation for Dubsado, and/or working out your processes at https://aunteerik.com/services.

Your first 3 clients are free!

Use my affiliate link https://aunteerik.com/get-dubsado / code SUITE369 and get 30% off Dubsado when you upgrade to a paid plan

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