Create your Private Podcast with Hello Audio and MemberVault

This post contains affiliate links where I may receive compensation if you sign up using my link, and/or you may receive an incentive using my affiliate link.

Private podcasts have become a thing over the last year or so, and here’s my superdee duper quick notes for setting up the tech for your private podcast using Hello Audio and MemberVault.

What you’ll need:

🔸Hello Audio (HA)

🔸MemberVault (MV)

🔸Mailerlite or your preferred ESP (email service provider)

Hello Audio and MemberVault have a native integration. You can start the purchase with either one and automate adding subscribers to the other platform AND your email provider with no Zaps needed.


You can house your transcripts and other resources inside of MemberVault. The MemberVault community feature is in development which includes gamification…

Meaning you’ll be able to incentivize engagement and also house the audio files in each module/lesson for those who don’t want to use a podcast platform. MemberVault also has blog and pages features. Essentially, your subscribers can get it all in one place – and access it through a 1-click link.

If you don’t need resource and commenting/community features, you can just go with Hello Audio. Accept payments, and have a sign-up page from right within the platform.

Both MemberVault and Hello Audio have very active, helpful communities (currently on Facebook) where you can be nosy before you sign up, get help setting up, and find resources you didn’t even know you needed.

You can get your private podcast started for less than $20 – assuming your subscriber count is within the free threshold for your email account OR you already have an email account.

Links to get you started – my affiliate link (if you join I get commission) – (Non-commission Referral link); get started with a no-card trial – you get a $20 credit