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The Naming Convention System

When I stick to the system, I can find anything on my computer, on my sites and within my cloud storage accounts whether I put it in its right place or not. This naming convention system is the foundation of all of my Operations tasks.

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Your Service Guide

Your Service Guide is an additional way of highlighting your services. You can make it as basic or grand as you want, with or without a website.

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Barter Smarter

A promise for exposure in exchange for goods/services is NOT bartering. You can’t spend that. You can’t use it. ROI on exposure is not guaranteed. Remember, the exchange must make sense AND hold value.

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Hi! I’m Auntee Rik (Rikki) and as a Business Operations Analyst, I use my 30+ years of experience in Operations, brand and web design, to help service-based owners and solopreneurs to organize their business in order to increase efficiency and income. My work days are usually powered by 90s sitcoms, 90s hip-hop and dancehall, “cheesy” movies, and a good, hot Americano.

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