Make onboarding homework into a digital product

Do yourself a favor and turn the things your clients need to be prepared to work with you into a paid digital product.

Build in engagement so that (a) they know you know what you’re talking about,


(b) you know they have EXACTLY what you need to do your best work for/with them…

without waiting 3-8 weeks for them to complete onboarding homework.

Why charge for it?

Because you are giving them a quick and easy win that even if they don’t hire you, will move them forward.

It gets you out of your feelings if they don’t book with you right away.

Need an example?

Gonna give you one anyway…

As a web designer, I got hella frustrated waiting on content… and how clients would use holding off content to delay payments (I fixed that too).

So, in 2014 I created “30 Days” – a 30 day email series at $47/subscriber.

It walked the subscriber through each piece of content I required + ways to enhance their content that would take them 30 minutes or less per day for most of the items.

You weren’t getting on my reservation list without completing it.

How did I know you finished it?

The workbook I provided included instructions for organizing said content.

The application for service asked for a link to their folder for review before intake.

Out of 56 people that purchased, I booked 14, 7 were sent for it by other web designers, and the rest were DIYers.

Mind you, I created this from scratch… but… the material allegedly materialed…

Take all those things that make you sigh heavy because a client doesn’t have them and turn them into a paid product.

Cuz you know like I know that when they say they have everything, they don’t.

And it’s not their fault.

Guide them!