Stop creating SOPs, you’re wasting your time

Yes, I just told you to stop creating SOPs.

🔸 Rik, the 33 year Operations veteran.

🔸 The one who shadowed people and recorded their every move to create SOPs at a muti-national, multi-million dollar company.

🔸 The one who many of the folk you see online now talking about SOPs and documentation learned it from back in 2013/2014…

Yes, documentation and SOPs are very important to your business, especially when creating consistency.

But, this is why I want you to stop creating them:

You’re not making money on a consistent (daily) basis

Instead of going full on SOP creation, make your bullet point notes and get to making money.

You have no intention to hire or sell your business, ever

Some people want to stay solopreneurs and that is totally fine. Again, make your bullet point notes, and get to making the money.

You’re pretty sure you won’t be doing business the way you are now in 6 months’ time

Even if you’re not absolutely sure, if you don’t have an offer suite that you are committed to selling for the next 3-5 years, why bother wasting time documenting what you have?

Bottom line?

Documenting your business is a resource-heavy task, and if your revenue isn’t consistent, you should spend that time improving that over creating SOPs.

Once your revenue is running on auto-pilot, take that time to start building your SOP library.