Getting out of Survival Mode

I’m not sure who this message is for, but when Spirit says move, I move… so here we go.

You can be making money and still be in survival mode.

The reality is that things may look and feel like they’re going well. They check all of your success checkboxes.

But if there’s one lesson I have learned while working with people who are making what we will call, or what many would consider good money, but are still very much in survival mode – it’s that you have to let something go.

See, there is a reason lifeguards approach you from the back if you are drowning.

because if you can see them, then you reach for them while panicking, and you can end up drowning the both of you.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed while fulfilling your successful profile; almost like you’re drowning, you’re going to have to make the hard decision of what to let go.

Then you have to decide on who or how you’re going to ask for help.

Those are the 2 things that will get you out of survival mode the fastest.

But the help cannot help you when you are unwilling to let go.

I have consulted with business owners who, like I said, are making great money, appearing to be at the top of their business game, but they are drowning in their business to the point of being >< this close to losing their business, losing personal things, people, or themselves, and I could not help them because they were not willing to let anything go.

So what do you have to let go?

That depends.

Sometimes it is a way of thinking.

Sometimes it is a way of acting.

Sometimes it is a person.

Sometimes it is a place.

Sometimes it is a thing.

Sometimes there’s a combination of the above, but the goal is to get you to just let go of the first thing, no matter how small or insignificant it can seem.

The act of letting go is the first step into relief.

Look… asking for help and letting go are not easy.

I do not want to paint the picture that it is easy.

But you have to… you have to let something go. Even when it feels like whatever that thing is, is irreplaceable.

The feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, feeling like you are drowning under whatever are signals to have an honest look at what’s going on, then deciding the first thing you’re going to let go of.

Cry through it. Scream. Throw something (make sure it’s soft so you don’t break anything). But get through that wall, then make a decision.

And if we’re honest with ourselves, we already know what that first “thing” to let go of is.

I can also tell you that every now and then just being willing to let go is enough.

Take this as your encouragement to go ahead and do that.

Get back to doing what you love to do

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